When greasing up (lubricating grease), lubricating parts with grease nipples will be lubricated using a special best grease gun.
 For the sake of convenience, we will introduce the grease gun as trade grease gun except trade name.

· Application

 It is used to lubricate lubricating points that are blocked by grease nipples (protrusions) in the lubrication area of ​​agricultural machinery. In the operation manual, when grease is clearly indicated as lubrication, there are two ways to lubricate grease by simply grease sprayer or the like in the moving part and grease gun with lubricating part with grease nipple.
 In small farm machinery, grease guns are often unnecessary in many cases. At that time, a convenient spray type grease lubrication is sufficient.

Not sure about the type of grease?

 The kind of grease specified in the instruction manual may be clearly stated only by the specified manufacturer’s product which the type is not well understood. Acquiring the designated item is difficult, and in reality it is difficult to use in many cases. Also, there are various greases at the shop front and there are times when you do not know which to choose.
 Grease is a lubricant, so you do not have to think hard. Most of the lubricating parts of agricultural machines use chassis grease that is cheap and excellent in water resistance, or lithium grease that is resistant to water and heat.
 Use the molybdenum grease where the load is applied around the feet (the front wheel base: around the kingpin).
Notation of instruction manual
 All-purpose grease (multi-purpose) and stated ⇒ lithium grease
 stipulates that industrial luxury grease ⇒ molybdenum grease (designation of use is pretty rare.)
 Points of the chassis grease specification because it has an emphasis on water resistance, using a lithium grease Even though the price of grease is somewhat higher, there is basically no obstacle. Therefore, as far as agricultural machinery is concerned, it is basically okay to use only the lithium grease, such as underbody and bearing. However, mixing different types of grease may cause deterioration, so do not mix them basically.
 If you mistake the grease etc. and mix it, if you are  still “ lost “ when the grease is mixed,
please tell the dealer (home center) where to use it and check and purchase.

· Lubricating point used for special place
 It is exposed to high temperatures (the tip of the brush cutter is a high temperature-resistant grease)
 There are parts to use this other grease for reasons such as deterioration of rubber, but it is still rare in agricultural machinery.


Preparation method of grease gun

 It is an assembly method when grease gun is used for the first time and installation method of cartridge grease.

Injection method with grease gun (grease up)
 Lubricate the grease nipple with grease gun.